French Family Planning Organization and its Continuation

French Family Planning Organization and its Continuation

Family planning is a program created by the government in a country to control the population in their country. In this program, the government limits the number of children a family can have. This family planning program has been carried out by many countries and is calculated to successfully control the population.

Indeed the number of births and deaths must be considered by the government. Do not let the number of births be so high that they overflow and burden the government. But the government must also pay attention to the death rate so that it doesn’t get too high. France as a developed country also considers this. The following is a brief review.

French Family Planning Organization and its Purpose

Through family planning programs, the government seems to be trying to control the population within their country. The trick is to control the number of members in the family, while providing education related to family planning. The purpose of family planning is certainly to control the population so as not to explode.

Usually this increase in population is prevalent in developing countries that have not all been touched by modernization. It is not only developing countries that try to realize family planning. Developed countries like France also have family planning organizations. The goal is definitely to control the population. Plans and assistance were given to judi bola players families who were married.

If you look at statistical data, France is one of the countries with the highest fertility rates in Europe. The position of France is right behind Ireland. Statistically, France can be said to be different from other European countries. This country has an average fertility factor of around 1.6 children per woman.

This data is high compared to Eastern and Southern Europe which is quite low in fertility. The birth rate in France is not affected by the socio-economic conditions of the community. Because the evidence is that there are still babies born in the economic crisis that hit, in 2009 – 2010. What drives birth is harmonious family and social life. About 60% of the young generation of France is also known to want to build a family and have children.

Through these data, it can be said that the family planning organization in France has an important role. This organization not only aims to control the population in terms of numbers, but also at the same time provides understanding and policies that can help families through several actions.

One of the policies provided is family allowance and special leave for mothers who give birth and their fathers. Plus there are tax breaks according to the number of family members or other special benefits, as well as the provision of day care for early childhood. So the government not only regulates it but also ensures the welfare of the people who are married.