Benefits of Family Planning in France

Benefits of Family Planning in France

Benefits of Family Planning in France – In this millennial era, we can agree that no matter what country you live in, family planning is always a good solution to decrease the number of population growth. Some of us probably think this will only work in developing country, but in fact, family planning is always a necessary movement, including for a country like France. Here are some of the benefits of having family planning.

  • nEnhancing Education and Empowering People
    The first and clearest benefit is to enhance education as well as to empower people. With family planning, also provides clear opportunities for women to go after their education and participation in public life. This is surely a must for any country to support their women in pursuing education life, especially a developed country like France. Furthermore, parents will be able to invest more for each of their child because of smaller family members. In addition, compared to children with many siblings, children with fewer siblings or a single child will have higher chance to stay longer in education. Just as you will be better handling one bet in an online poker game in to win, focusing in fewer kids is smart.
  • Preventing HIV/AIDS
    It’s not a secret that HIV/AIDS can infect anyone. Small countries, big countries, developing countries, developed countries; anyone can get infected by this incurable disease. France is not an exception. HIV/AIDS can spread in many ways, and one of the most often is from infected mothers who gave birth. With family planning, the risk of infected mothers to give birth an unplanned child surely can be reduced. As a result, there will be fewer infected orphans and babies. Furthermore, there are also condoms that will provide dual protection for male and female against unplanned pregnancies.
Benefits of Family Planning
  • Slowing Population Growth
    It’s safe to say that most of developed countries in European Union have low rate of growing population. That’s really how it should be. As one of developed European Union countries, France should keep it that way too, but the fact is the country has higher birth rate than death rate every year since 2014. It only means that their population growth keeps rising. That’s what family planning for; to slow uncontrolled growing population which often results more likely negative impacts on environment, economy, as well as regional and development efforts.

Basically, having early family planning will benefit any parties who are involved. No matter where you live, controlling the numbers if birth will always be beneficial for countries and its people.

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