Policies regarding Contraception in France

Policies regarding Contraception in FranceBirth control or birth control is then better known as KB or the Family Planning program in Indonesia. This family planning program is regulated by an official organization from the government and is responsible for monitoring and enforcing regulations and provisions related to the family planning program. It is also the case abroad and each country has its own organization. It is the same in France. However, France includes the birth control program and field under the ministry of health so that most of the policies are the direct responsibility of the ministry.

In the implementation of the birth control, there are many programs launched by the French government. One of them is related to the use of contraception. Contraception is a method commonly used in various countries. Interestingly, France not only supports and provides permits and regulations regarding this contraception, but also provides subsidies, especially related to birth control pills or birth control pills in Indonesia. However, the consumption of these pills cannot be done freely. Based on the existing provisions, these pills or drugs can only be taken after getting a recommendation from a gynecologist because this is related to health conditions as well as the type of drug and dosage to be used.

Then, there are also contraceptive implants. This contraceptive product comes in the form of implants which will later be installed or placed in the body. This implant will be placed under the surface of the skin and looks like a stick or stick with a very small size. The function of this implant is to affect the performance of hormones like the contraceptive pill. Hormones from this implant will enter and circulate in the blood to later affect the ovulation process. The goal is to suppress ovulation. These implants are able to survive in the body for at least three years. This implant has been known and legalized for its use since 2001 and it can be purchased at pharmacies with subsidies from the government to get a more affordable price.

Policies regarding Contraception in France

Then, also known as spermicides. It is a chemical substance and is in the form of a gel or capsule. As the name implies, this chemical is responsible for killing or destroying sperm cells or spermatozoa that enter a woman’s vagina. Unlike pills and implants, the use of spermicides does not require a prescription and recommendation from a gynecologist. However, this is not included in the government subsidy so the price will not get a discount like the contraceptive pills and implants.

What’s interesting about the contraceptive policy from France is related to the permits granted. The government, through the ministry of health, does provide subsidies for some contraceptive products because they are quite expensive. This specifically refers to contraceptive pills and implants that require a prescription from a doctor. In addition to support in the form of subsidies, the government also waived the cost of contraception for women up to the age of 18 years. This is intended to provide assistance to women so that they do not have to be hindered by financial problems when they want to use the contraceptive.

In addition, a new policy was also issued by the government through the ministry of health related to the contraception. In 2022, there will be a new policy regarding general limits regarding the government’s free contraceptive policy. In the previous regulation, the maximum age limit was eighteen years. However, starting on January 1 next year, a new policy took effect and the age limit was changed to twenty-five years. This policy is certainly good news for women who do not want to get pregnant but must be constrained by costs.

The Family Planning Authority in France and Existing Contraceptive Policies

Contraceptive Policies

Population birth control or also known as birth control is something that can be found in almost all countries. The birth rate is monitored and managed so that later the population growth rate can be controlled. In Indonesia, the term family planning (KB) is known as a substitute for birth control. Family Planning is known as a program that has the motto “two children is enough” and this has been in effect for a long time although that does not mean that a family cannot have more than one child. This family planning program is also managed and handled by the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN). This agency is the official government organization that is responsible for population and family planning programs.

Family planning programs also exist in other countries. This is because almost all countries really need to control the rate of population growth so that there is no overpopulation that can cause problems in the country. The same is also found in France. In this case, the birth control program is under the auspices of the French Ministry of Health, and one of the things that is of concern in this case is related to contraception. Contraception is a method to control birth by preventing fertilization in a woman’s womb.

France has a special interest in this contraception. The use of contraception is controlled and managed by the state, and this too has the support of the government. This support is provided in the form of subsidies for the use and purchase of contraceptives. In particular, this subsidy is available for contraceptive pills or also known as birth control pills in Indonesia as well as for implants. For regulations, the use of these two methods of contraception must be checked by a gynecologist and will be given a prescription later.

Support from the government is given because the cost for pills and implants is not cheap. With subsidies from the government, at least women can still get the opportunity to control and control births and can make their own choices when they want to get pregnant. Financial problems had indeed become an obstacle for many families where then birth control became difficult to carry out. With this subsidy, it is hoped that women will be able to have greater strength and courage to use contraception.

In addition, there are also policies aimed at young women. In this case, a maximum age limit of 18 years is applied and women in that age range can get contraceptive services for free, especially for pills and implants which are indeed expensive. Recently, the French Ministry of Health has also just issued an announcement of a new policy related to the age limit. The previous maximum age limit of 18 years will be changed to 25 years and this will take effect from 1 January 2022 to come.

Birth control pills are pills or drugs that can affect hormone performance. Hormones in a woman’s body will be able to suppress ovulation after taking the drug. Implants also have the same function. However, this implant will be placed in the body, precisely under the surface of the skin. Substances in the implant will enter the body through the blood and provide the same effect as existing contraceptive pills. Both of these methods do require a prescription and recommendation from a doctor. In addition, there are also spermicides which is a gel or capsule that will be inserted into the female organs. Its purpose is to inactivate or destroy sperm cells that enter a woman’s vagina. However, this spermicide is not included in the government subsidy.

France Suggests Family Planning and Its Benefit

France Suggests Family Planning and Its Benefit

France is currently promoting about family planning for all marriage couple in the whole country. It will give much benefit for the family, and even in the bigger scale, for the country itself. The promotion about family planning is keep on going, so citizens can be more aware and start to learn about it before deciding to get married.

  • Having Family Planning Will Guarantee the Growth of Children in A Better Way

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That’s what people in France usually say when they talk about planning. Somehow, it happens in the family planning as well. Having family planning is not only good for the father and mother only. The children who grow up inside the house will also experience the positive effect of family planning as they grow bigger in the house.

Family planning in France will make a marriage couple to learn about specific age to get married, specific year gap for having another child, and limit age for a mother to give birth. Knowing all those things will let the children in the house grow with full of love from their parents. Meanwhile, children can enjoy their childhood with love the way you enjoy winning poker at parents can also enjoy their precious time as father and mother.

  • Avoid Unexpected Pregnancy

Father and mother always wait the presence of child. There are some cases of parents who wait for years for hearing the sound of their babies, but in the other case, there are parents who unexpectedly given the chance for having a baby. However, when it comes to certain limit, it is best for them not for having another one. It is for the sake of the family, including father, mother, and current children.

Therefore, applying family planning in France is expected to protect marriage couples from any unexpected pregnancy that they should not have the way good planning and saves your from bankruptcy.

France government introduced about contraception tools. These tools are highly effective for avoiding unexpected pregnancy. However, the tools are personal, which means it is not always suitable for everyone. Therefore, parents need to learn about it, so they can decide which contraception tool will suit the most for their condition.

Family planning awareness in France is keep on growing, thank to its government. There are many benefits for a marriage couple to do family planning, including children can grow with full of love and parents can avoid unexpected pregnancy for good reason.

Things to Know About Family Planning in France

Things to Know About Family Planning in France

Things to Know About Family Planning in France – France is one of developed countries in the world. The population in 2019 are around sixty seven million. As the population keeps on growing, the government starts to announce about family planning. The plan is about to control the number of birth and control the population growth in France. It might seem complicated, but the effect for long term is worth for its effort.

  • Specific Ages for Specific Suggestions in Family Planning

The first thing that people in France need to pay attention is about specific ages for specific suggestions in family planning. The first one is about the minimum age for male and female to get married. Female is suggested to get married when she is 21 years old and male is suggested to get married when he is 25 years old. In these ages, a couple is expected to give birth in their productive period.

After welcoming the first child, it is suggested to give a gap around 3 or 5 years old before trying to have another child in the house. Contraception tools in France are suggested to support this plan. There is a period when it is suggested to have a baby. However, when the mother is already 35, it suggested stopping the effort. Instead, mother and father are suggested to take care of children they have.

Things to Know About Family Planning in France
  • Family Planning is Basically About Making A Plan

People say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It also works in family planning in France. It is basically about making a plan, but the plan must be made after having a thorough study about having family. There are things that a couple in France need to learn about family planning, like the number of children they are willing to have.

It is important for a couple to talk about it together, so there will not be any problems in the future. Talking about contraception tools, there are so many tools provided in the hospital in France. However, not every tool is suitable for marriage couple. Therefore, it is suggested for both of them to learn more about ypes of contraception tools and find one who suits the most to their condition.

Family planning is important for everyone in the world, including in France. There are two things that a marriage couple needs to pay attention. First, they need to learn about specific ages for specific suggestion. Second, they also need to know that the basic of family planning is making a plan.

Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning

Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning

Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning – Not all cases related to family planning involves parents with pregnancy before marriage. Some couples do come to consult the plan on controlling pregnancy. There are several available options, and one of them is fertility awareness. How does this plan work?
– The Description of Fertility Awareness Method
Woman that has fertility awareness could tell her own fertility period. It is usually before and after the menstrual cycle. Some other terms used for fertility awareness are natural planning and periodic abstinence. To check her fertility, a woman could use several methods and more than one method could be combined together.

The standard method is by marking the calendar for menstrual cycle. It is also possible to tell fertility by noticing cervical secretion. The woman will feel the eggs poured out and the vaginal area is wet.

– The Effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Method
The best answer to effectiveness question depends heavily on the couple. The more they have intercourse during fertile period, the higher chance for the wife to get pregnant.

However, if the couple could follow the instruction correctly, then the pregnancy rate is around 15%. This percentage is similar to the bonus provided by online casino games. The data shows that only 15 out of 100 women get pregnant during the first year of marriage after practicing periodical abstinence.

French Family Planning

– Most Asked Questions About the Method
One of the questions that women often ask is whether the fertility awareness method is applicable only for well-educated couple. Of course, it is not true. Any couple, no matter what their education background is, could use the fertility awareness method. The only requirement is strong commitment and accurate fertility period calculation.

Many couples also want to know whether the spermicide method is more effective than fertility awareness method. The answer is “no”. During fertility period, it is safer to use condom or even avoid vaginal intercourse.

To get pregnant, the womb should produce eggs. Another term is fertility; by controlling the intercourse outside fertility period, the couple will decrease the chance of being pregnant. Several options could be used to determine whether the woman is fertile or not. Also, it is more effective than some other methods such as spermicide.

How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population – France might be a small country in Europe. Even though, its population and birth rate is considered as something quite high. This might be one of the reasons why the family planning program in France is one thing that the government highlight. Yes, by using this kind of program, the government is able to control the growth of the population as well as the birth rate. For those who are wondering how this family planning program is able to suppress the birth rate in France, then you need to know some of these things below.

– Family Planning to Deal with Minimum Marriage Age
The first one that is included inside the family planning is the restriction of the citizens who have not reached a specific age. This one is meant to make sure that all of the people who marry in France have reached a certain age. It is because if the people marry at the young age, the people will have the baby sooner. It means the plan from the program will not go well. That is why the government need to do this work together with the family planning to make sure that the babies are born from the couples with the certain age.

– Contraception in Family Planning
Contraception is one thing that can be used to fully suppress the number of population. It is because if couples are using contraception when they are having sexual intercourse, the chance of having a baby will be fully minimized. As the result, the birth rate will be decreased. If the birth rate is decreased, then the number of population will be under control. For your information, this kind of method has been used in many countries outside France too. The result is quite effective in most of those countries out there.

How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

– Limit the Government Allowance
It is something common for the local or central government to give support in the form of allowance or something like that to the people. However, the people need to make sure that they follow all of the rules and regulations. This one includes the number of kids that they can have. That means if you have kids more than the regulated ones, then you will not get the support for the third kid. This might sound very simple but the result can be very significant because of the high living cost in France. That is why people tend to obey the rules and regulations.

The Challenges: French Family Planning Organization

The Challenges French Family Planning Organization

The Challenges: French Family Planning Organization – Even before the pandemic, French Family Planning already faced a lot of problems. The rate of several problems such as domestic abuse and women well-being is getting higher as the pandemic forces people to stay at home. Thus, a proposal is made to deal with these problems. What are they?
– Psychosocial Support Service
It is good to take protection act for women at risk group such as immigrant and refugees. The attempt will be even better with additional psychosocial support service. No matter how the protection works, the violence still happens. Thus, the victims should know that they have a line to call.

The psychosocial support service could be the sub-part of the protection against gender-based violence. Moreover, it is not only for receiving the calls. A collaboration with several stakeholders as police, hospital and psychiatric should be established. The all-in-one service resembles the benefits provided by trusted online games.

– Maternal And New-born Mortality
With the lockdown and social limitation, the greatest impact to public is decreasing income. On the other hand, the pregnancy period is still running, adding the amount of daily expenses. If the recession continues, then abortion and new-born mortality rate will go up.

To prevent this accident, there must be a declaration among health practitioners, hospitals and government to maintain the stability of reproductive health funding. It is essentials to run safe abortion clinic and treat the sexually transmitted infection. Without the fund, the program cannot be implemented.

– Reproductive Health Commodities
Since pregnancy could happen to all women in reproductive period despite of their age (young, adult and older), then a program to provide health commodities is presented as well. In this program, the talk about sexuality is not something taboo.

It is quite the opposite; the program aims to give access for women in reproductive age to sexual health goods and services. Being fully aware of the risk, it is expected that the maternal rate will be lower especially during the pandemic.

French Family Planning concerns not only about the prevention steps but also the complex nature of social problems and individual issues. To reduce the rate of child birth and ensure women’s sexual health, three programs are proposed: providing psychosocial service, reducing the new-born mortality and granting access to reproductive health commodities.

Some Works of France Family Planning Organization

Some Works of France Family Planning Organization

Family planning is one of those programs that many governments have in many countries in the world. It is because to press or regulate the number of population, the proper program is needed. In this case, the family planning program is one of them that the government can use. For your information, the family planning organization in France is doing their best to control the population of their people though the organization. This family planning organization in France are doing some of these amazing works to control the increasing number of population in France because of the increasing birth rate.

– Socialization to Use Contraception
The first one is the socialization to use the contraception when having sexual intercourse. This is one of the most common things that many family planning organizations in the world are doing. The reason is because using contraception while doing sexual intercourse will surely decrease the chance of getting a baby. The main function of the socialization is because the people need to know that there are some different kinds of contraception that they can use. By doing so, the government is able to minimize the number or population through the control of the birth rate.

– Making Regulation about Marriage
There are a lot of people who think that marriage is a personal right. That is not a wrong opinion to have because all of the people have their right to get marry. However, to control the number of population in France, the family planning organization in France with the central government is trying to make some regulations related with the minimum marriage age. It is because the younger you marry; the sooner you will have a baby. That is why this kind of marriage regulation is hoped to be a light to control the birth rate and the increasing population in France.

– Personal Allowance for Families
The last but not least is the reward of personal allowance for families with specific number of kids. This regulation is one thing that have been applied in many other countries around the world. Most of the time, the central government will give a kind of reward or allowance for the kids up to a specific number. For example, in Indonesia you will get the allowance for your first and second kid only. If you have three kids, then the last one will not get any kind of allowance or compensation.

Reasons to Have Family Planning in France

Reasons to Have Family Planning in France

Reasons to Have Family Planning in France – For any countries in this millennial age, there are always reasons to have family planning. Not only for poor or developing countries, family planning is also the right way for developed countries to keep them in more stable condition or even better. As one of developed countries in European Union, there are many reasons why family planning in France is important. Here are some of the reasons.

1. Promoting Economic and Social Security and Development
For the country, the main reason to start family planning campaign is definitely to promote economic and social security, as well as its development. It’s not hard to understand that countries with high population growth tend to face more problems in economic and social sector. France hasn’t necessarily in that position, but having the prevention surely will be beneficial for the country and the people, like when you prevent from losing a bet in an online slot game in https://agenbola108.cc.

Since France constantly has higher birth rate than death rate, government needs to take an action to prevent any over-population situation. Having more populations competing for limited sources like food, job, school, and housing is surely not a necessary condition for a country like France. Family planning necessarily helps the country to slow the population growth.

2. Reducing the Number of Abortions
It’s true that abortion is actually a legal thing in France, as long as the pregnancy is within first twelve weeks. However, things could’ve been better, easier and simpler if people don’t have to do abortion at the first place.

Not to mention that abortion can always go wrong since not everyone is able to do the proper abortion procedures. Abortion with improper procedures is not only unsafe and dangerous but also can lead to injuries or even maternal deaths. By having family planning, abortion can be avoided.

3. Improving Child Survival and Maternal Health
In many cases, early pregnancy never benefits neither the mother nor the child. The worst possible scenario, which usually happens, is there’s only one will survive, either the mother or the child. Given this fact, we can agree that early pregnancy isn’t an ideal situation to have, especially in a country like France. Therefore, family planning and contraceptive use are the best answer to improve child survival and maternal health in the future.

Given those reasons above, it’s safe to say that family planning is actually a necessary campaign almost for any country in this millennial age. With more challenges coming up in the future, family planning at least can help us to prevent any unwanted situation.

Contraceptive Practices in France

Contraceptive Practices in France

Contraceptive Practices in France – It’s safe to say that many young generations or young families in France are familiar with the word contraceptive, but do they actually know about it? In fact, dealing with this kind of thing is necessary, especially in a country like France which its population number is always increasing year by year. If you’re one of those young families, this detail about contraceptive practices below is necessary for you.

1. The Contexts
First of all, you need to know why this matter is necessary for any young families in France. For the past 30 years, the government has legalized the use of contraception. The pattern of use itself eventually changed during the 1960s to the 1980s era. Hence, if we take a look closely about any possible impacts of the raised concern about potential of HIV and many other sexual diseases infection, it’s not really hard to understand why the pattern of contraceptive use changes rapidly.

In the 1990s era, contraceptive practices were actually already started. If you remember, that era actually marked the rapid growth of HIV and other sexual diseases in European Union countries, including France. No wonder, the practices were already established in the 1990s.

Contraceptive Practices in France

2. The Methods
Once you’ve comprehended the context of contraceptive practices, you need to know about how the things get done. Back in 1994, there were at least 5,900 French households were assigned for inclusion in the Family Survey as well as Fertility.

In the process, they asked random respondents about their family status and formation, as well as the patterns of their contraceptive use. The results then were compared to those comparable and similar surveys which were conducted in 1978 and 1988.

3. The Results
Results said that in 1994, 2/3 of women in France applied some reversible forms of contraceptive method. Meanwhile, the use of oral contraceptive grown relatively steady in France; about 45% of women at the age of 20 to 45 were found consuming the contraceptive pills, either alone or combined with any other methods in that year, compared to 27% in 1978 and 35% in 1988. It’s enough to prove that the pattern of contraceptive use has changed.

Having contraceptive practices turn out to be beneficial for France, both for the government and the people. Not only to prevent any HIV or sexual disease to spread, this kind of practice can also help families in family planning.

Benefits of Family Planning in France

Benefits of Family Planning in France

Benefits of Family Planning in France – In this millennial era, we can agree that no matter what country you live in, family planning is always a good solution to decrease the number of population growth. Some of us probably think this will only work in developing country, but in fact, family planning is always a necessary movement, including for a country like France. Here are some of the benefits of having family planning.

  • nEnhancing Education and Empowering People
    The first and clearest benefit is to enhance education as well as to empower people. With family planning, also provides clear opportunities for women to go after their education and participation in public life. This is surely a must for any country to support their women in pursuing education life, especially a developed country like France. Furthermore, parents will be able to invest more for each of their child because of smaller family members. In addition, compared to children with many siblings, children with fewer siblings or a single child will have higher chance to stay longer in education. Just as you will be better handling one bet in an online poker game in to win, focusing in fewer kids is smart.
  • Preventing HIV/AIDS
    It’s not a secret that HIV/AIDS can infect anyone. Small countries, big countries, developing countries, developed countries; anyone can get infected by this incurable disease. France is not an exception. HIV/AIDS can spread in many ways, and one of the most often is from infected mothers who gave birth. With family planning, the risk of infected mothers to give birth an unplanned child surely can be reduced. As a result, there will be fewer infected orphans and babies. Furthermore, there are also condoms that will provide dual protection for male and female against unplanned pregnancies.
Benefits of Family Planning
  • Slowing Population Growth
    It’s safe to say that most of developed countries in European Union have low rate of growing population. That’s really how it should be. As one of developed European Union countries, France should keep it that way too, but the fact is the country has higher birth rate than death rate every year since 2014. It only means that their population growth keeps rising. That’s what family planning for; to slow uncontrolled growing population which often results more likely negative impacts on environment, economy, as well as regional and development efforts.

Basically, having early family planning will benefit any parties who are involved. No matter where you live, controlling the numbers if birth will always be beneficial for countries and its people.

Family Planning Organizations in France and Benefits Provided

Family Planning Organizations in France and Benefits Provided

Based on existing data, it is known that France belongs to one of the countries in the European Union which has the highest fertility rate. The position of France is behind Ireland. It is known that fertility rates in France reach around 1.6 children per woman. This figure is quite high when compared to the fertility rates in Eastern and Southern Europe which are quite low.

Birth in France is also much influenced by the conditions of family life and social harmony. Although there was an economic crisis in 2009, it did not significantly affect the birth rate in this country. Even if you see the trend, as many as 60% of the young generation of France wants to build a family and have offspring.

Benefits Provided by the French Family Planning Organization

It is known that around 60% of the young generation in France has a family and also descendants. The most influential thing about births in France is not the socio-economic conditions of society but conditions such as family life and social harmony. No wonder France is expected to be number one in Europe.

An increasing number of people in France encouraged the government to establish a family planning organization. Not only to control the population, but also to provide assistance and support for the family. Significant influence and benefits were also provided by family planning organizations.

In the latest data in 2013, it was known that there had been a population increase of up to 300 thousand in France. This increase in population is affected by a surplus in the number of births compared to death. Population dynamism in France can strengthen the position of countries in Europe. Plus France has a fairly high fertility rate.

Keep in mind that the establishment of a family planning organization is not only aimed at making rules. But also at the same time providing assistance and policies for the family. Surely the government wants all of its people to live in prosperity. So there is no gap in the country.

Family planning organizations not only control population in number. This organization also provides understanding and policy to the family. Assistance is also provided by. For example, such as the provision of family allowances, giving special leave for parents, as well as tax breaks in accordance with the number of family members. Those are some of the things provided by family planning organizations for a family.

In addition, family planning organizations also regulate about the maximum number of children in a family. In a family, the maximum number of children should be two. That way families in France will not experience the excess of children who cannot be taken care of and develop well. The hope is that all families in France can live in prosperity.

Why is there a French Family Planning Organization

foreign program

Family planning is no longer a foreign program in many countries. This program is one of the government’s efforts to regulate its population in controlling the number of members in the family. As we know the number of births and deaths must also be a concern for the government. The number of births and deaths that are too high or low is not good for a country.

The family planning program seeks to control these two things. As the name implies, the family becomes the main object in this program. One country with a family planning organization is France. The emergence of family planning organizations in France is closely related to the birth rate in this country which is also quite large.

Reasons for the emergence of Family Planning Organizations in France

If you look at the data, France belongs to the country that has the highest fertility rate in Europe. The position of France is right behind Ireland. In numbers, the fertility rate in France is around 1.6 children per woman. Especially if you see fertility rates in Eastern and Southern Europe that are quite low.

Births in France are largely influenced by the conditions of family life and social harmony. Despite the economic crisis in 2009, it did not significantly affect the birth rate in this country. Based on trends, as many as 60% of the young generation of France wants to build a family and have offspring.

All the facts about the high birth rate in France are the reason for the government to establish a family planning organization. The emergence of this organization is not only to control population in terms of numbers. But also to provide understanding and policy to the agen sbobet family.

Assistance is also provided such as giving family allowances, giving special leave for parents, as well as tax breaks according to the number of family members. This family planning organization also regulates the maximum number of children in a family. So that each family in France will not experience excess children that they cannot take care of and develop well.

The success of the French Family Planning Organization

The success of the French Family Planning

Current family planning organizations have been established in many countries. Especially for developing countries that have problems in the field of population, for example, the birth rate is too high or the mortality rate is too high.

But with the family planning program, the government can regulate the population to control the number of members in the family, while providing education about planning in the family. Family planning organizations also help families through allowances or policies issued. France is one of the countries that also has a family planning organization. With a fairly high birth rate, it is not wrong if France needs an organization that can control population in its country.

Level of Success of Family Planning Organizations in France

As one of the highest fertility countries in Europe, France is behind Ireland. France can be said to be different from most other countries in Europe. Fertility factors in this country are around 1.6 children per woman on average.

Especially because the fertility rate in Eastern and Southern Europe is quite low. The highest influence of birth is not the socio-economic conditions of the community. The proof is, when the economic crisis hit in 2009, many babies were still born. The thing that drives is family life and social harmony. About 60% of the young generation of France apparently wants to build a family and have offspring.

Therefore, a family planning organization was formed in France. The purpose of establishing an organization like this is certainly to control population. Not only in terms of numbers, but also provide policies that can help families through various actions.

For example, such as the provision of benefits, special leave for both parents, tax breaks in accordance with the number of family members, as well as the provision of day care for early childhood. Is the family planning organization in France successful? Of course the size can be seen through the population. Not only that, it can also be seen from the condition of the family in France. This population density is the duty of family planning organizations.