French Family Planning Organization and why it is important

Family Planning Organizations in France

Family planning organizations have been owned by many countries today. Especially in developing countries that usually have problems in the field of population. One problem in the field of population is the birth or death rate that is too high. Through family planning programs, the government can regulate its population to control the number of members in the family.

Family planning programs also help families by providing benefits and policies. France as a developed country also has a family planning organization. This European Union member country has a fairly high birth rate compared to other countries in Europe. Therefore, family planning organizations in France are needed.

The Importance of the Existence of Family Planning Organizations in France

If you look at the data, France is one of the countries in Europe that has the highest fertility rate. Fertility indicators in France are different from other countries in Europe. In France, every woman is estimated to have a fertility rate of around 1.6 children. This fertility rate is quite high compared to Eastern and Southern European countries.

As for what affects birth in France is not the socio-economic condition of the community. But conditions such as family and social life are in harmony. Based on the survey also, it is known that around 60% of the young generation of France wants to build families and have offspring. This desire can actually put France in first place in Europe.

From the latest data in 2013, it was found that there had been an increase of 300 thousand residents in France. This population growth is due to a surplus in the number of births compared to death. The dynamism of population in France can strengthen France’s position in Europe.

Because now France is in a good position among other European countries. In addition, the fertility rate is also quite high. The population population in France is expected to continue to surpass the population of Germany before the middle of this century. Therefore a family planning organization was established in France to regulate population issues while also providing assistance and actions for the family.

The actions taken are not only limited to giving a limit about the number of children that can be owned in one family. But also the provision of assistance such as family allowances, special leave for mothers and fathers, tax breaks or other special benefits, as well as providing day care for early childhood.

Provision of this place of care is quite important, especially for many parents in France who have had careers. Especially the mothers. The provision of day care for children is not only to facilitate working parents, but also to create new jobs. Mothers can also continue to work and participate in economic dynamics. This arrangement by family planning organizations will help families with children.

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