How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population – France might be a small country in Europe. Even though, its population and birth rate is considered as something quite high. This might be one of the reasons why the family planning program in France is one thing that the government highlight. Yes, by using this kind of program, the government is able to control the growth of the population as well as the birth rate. For those who are wondering how this family planning program is able to suppress the birth rate in France, then you need to know some of these things below.

– Family Planning to Deal with Minimum Marriage Age
The first one that is included inside the family planning is the restriction of the citizens who have not reached a specific age. This one is meant to make sure that all of the people who marry in France have reached a certain age. It is because if the people marry at the young age, the people will have the baby sooner. It means the plan from the program will not go well. That is why the government need to do this work together with the family planning to make sure that the babies are born from the couples with the certain age.

– Contraception in Family Planning
Contraception is one thing that can be used to fully suppress the number of population. It is because if couples are using contraception when they are having sexual intercourse, the chance of having a baby will be fully minimized. As the result, the birth rate will be decreased. If the birth rate is decreased, then the number of population will be under control. For your information, this kind of method has been used in many countries outside France too. The result is quite effective in most of those countries out there.

How Family Planning in France Helps to Control the Population

– Limit the Government Allowance
It is something common for the local or central government to give support in the form of allowance or something like that to the people. However, the people need to make sure that they follow all of the rules and regulations. This one includes the number of kids that they can have. That means if you have kids more than the regulated ones, then you will not get the support for the third kid. This might sound very simple but the result can be very significant because of the high living cost in France. That is why people tend to obey the rules and regulations.

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