Information about the French Family Planning Organization

Family planning programs have been implemented in many countries. Through this program, the government seeks to regulate its population to control the number of members in the family, while providing education related to family planning. Family planning is closely related to the way the government controls the population so as not to explode.

Especially for developing countries that have not been all touched by modernization. But, there are also in some developed countries that encourage their residents to have children because the mortality rate is so high. France is one of the countries that has a family planning organization to control its population. The following is more complete about the explanation of family planning in France.

Existing Family Planning Organizations in France

France is one of the countries with the highest fertility rates in Europe. The position of France is behind Ireland. Thus, France can be said to be different from other European countries which have an average fertility factor of around 1.6 children per woman. Especially because the fertility rate in Eastern and Southern Europe is quite low.

In France alone, birth is not only influenced by the socio-economic conditions of the community. Babies born in 2010, are the result of conception in 2009, when the economic crisis hit. It is precisely what drives family life and social harmony. About 60% of the young generation of France wants to build a family and have offspring.

Therefore, a family planning organization was formed in France. The organization does not only aim to control population in terms of numbers. But it also provides understanding and policies that can help families through several actions.

For example, such as giving out various family allowances, giving special leave for mothers who give birth and also the father, tax relief according to the number of family members or other special benefits, as well as the provision of a place of care for early childhood. Given that the majority of parents in France already work. Thus parents can still work without having to worry about the child’s condition.

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