Policies regarding Contraception in France

Policies regarding Contraception in FranceBirth control or birth control is then better known as KB or the Family Planning program in Indonesia. This family planning program is regulated by an official organization from the government and is responsible for monitoring and enforcing regulations and provisions related to the family planning program. It is also the case abroad and each country has its own organization. It is the same in France. However, France includes the birth control program and field under the ministry of health so that most of the policies are the direct responsibility of the ministry.

In the implementation of the birth control, there are many programs launched by the French government. One of them is related to the use of contraception. Contraception is a method commonly used in various countries. Interestingly, France not only supports and provides permits and regulations regarding this contraception, but also provides subsidies, especially related to birth control pills or birth control pills in Indonesia. However, the consumption of these pills cannot be done freely. Based on the existing provisions, these pills or drugs can only be taken after getting a recommendation from a gynecologist because this is related to health conditions as well as the type of drug and dosage to be used.

Then, there are also contraceptive implants. This contraceptive product comes in the form of implants which will later be installed or placed in the body. This implant will be placed under the surface of the skin and looks like a stick or stick with a very small size. The function of this implant is to affect the performance of hormones like the contraceptive pill. Hormones from this implant will enter and circulate in the blood to later affect the ovulation process. The goal is to suppress ovulation. These implants are able to survive in the body for at least three years. This implant has been known and legalized for its use since 2001 and it can be purchased at pharmacies with subsidies from the government to get a more affordable price.

Policies regarding Contraception in France

Then, also known as spermicides. It is a chemical substance and is in the form of a gel or capsule. As the name implies, this chemical is responsible for killing or destroying sperm cells or spermatozoa that enter a woman’s vagina. Unlike pills and implants, the use of spermicides does not require a prescription and recommendation from a gynecologist. However, this is not included in the government subsidy so the price will not get a discount like the contraceptive pills and implants.

What’s interesting about the contraceptive policy from France is related to the permits granted. The government, through the ministry of health, does provide subsidies for some contraceptive products because they are quite expensive. This specifically refers to contraceptive pills and implants that require a prescription from a doctor. In addition to support in the form of subsidies, the government also waived the cost of contraception for women up to the age of 18 years. This is intended to provide assistance to women so that they do not have to be hindered by financial problems when they want to use the contraceptive.

In addition, a new policy was also issued by the government through the ministry of health related to the contraception. In 2022, there will be a new policy regarding general limits regarding the government’s free contraceptive policy. In the previous regulation, the maximum age limit was eighteen years. However, starting on January 1 next year, a new policy took effect and the age limit was changed to twenty-five years. This policy is certainly good news for women who do not want to get pregnant but must be constrained by costs.

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