Excess Population and Solutions from the French Family Planning Organization

Excess Population and Solutions from the French Family Planning Organization

Many things related to the population are a matter for the government. This includes the issue of birth and death. The rate of birth and death in a country must be balanced. Birth rates should not be too high, but not too low. An example of a country with the highest fertility rates in Europe is France.

Fertility rates in FRENCH reach around 1.6 children per woman. Certainly higher than some other countries in Europe. Especially when compared with fertility rates in Eastern and Southern European countries which are quite low. Seeing the high level of fertility in this country, as well as the increase in the number of births, a family planning organization was created.

Excess Population Solutions from Family Planning Organizations in France

Family planning is no longer a foreign program. Especially in countries that have a surge in population. This program is one of the government’s efforts to regulate its population. The method is to limit the number of members in the family. The number of births and deaths must indeed be a concern for the government.

The number of births and deaths that are too high or low does not become good for a country. So as the name implies, the family becomes the main object in this program. In a similar effort to control the population in the country, France also co-founded a Family Planning Organization.

The establishment of family planning organizations in France is certainly inseparable from the surge in birth rates in this country. If you look at 2013, this country has experienced a population increase of up to 300 thousand. This population growth is due to an increase in the number of births compared to death. This dynamism of population in France can actually be a powerful weapon to strengthen the position of a country in Europe.

A fairly high fertility rate in France is expected to be a factor in population increase in the future. It is estimated that the population of France could surpass the population of Germany before the middle of this century. Family planning organizations in France are tasked with overcoming the excess population that might occur.

The way the French family planning organization is not only limits the number of children the family can have. But also by providing benefits for the family. Besides that, other assistance was also provided. For example, such as special leave for both parents, tax breaks according to the number of family members, as well as the provision of a place of care for children aged early.

Providing assistance to families from family planning organizations is usually given to families with more than one child. Families can be helped more and at least the government is not too burdened. The provision of child care centers is very important for working parents. Parents can still work and participate in economic dynamics.