The Challenges: French Family Planning Organization

The Challenges French Family Planning Organization

The Challenges: French Family Planning Organization – Even before the pandemic, French Family Planning already faced a lot of problems. The rate of several problems such as domestic abuse and women well-being is getting higher as the pandemic forces people to stay at home. Thus, a proposal is made to deal with these problems. What are they?
– Psychosocial Support Service
It is good to take protection act for women at risk group such as immigrant and refugees. The attempt will be even better with additional psychosocial support service. No matter how the protection works, the violence still happens. Thus, the victims should know that they have a line to call.

The psychosocial support service could be the sub-part of the protection against gender-based violence. Moreover, it is not only for receiving the calls. A collaboration with several stakeholders as police, hospital and psychiatric should be established. The all-in-one service resembles the benefits provided by trusted online games.

– Maternal And New-born Mortality
With the lockdown and social limitation, the greatest impact to public is decreasing income. On the other hand, the pregnancy period is still running, adding the amount of daily expenses. If the recession continues, then abortion and new-born mortality rate will go up.

To prevent this accident, there must be a declaration among health practitioners, hospitals and government to maintain the stability of reproductive health funding. It is essentials to run safe abortion clinic and treat the sexually transmitted infection. Without the fund, the program cannot be implemented.

– Reproductive Health Commodities
Since pregnancy could happen to all women in reproductive period despite of their age (young, adult and older), then a program to provide health commodities is presented as well. In this program, the talk about sexuality is not something taboo.

It is quite the opposite; the program aims to give access for women in reproductive age to sexual health goods and services. Being fully aware of the risk, it is expected that the maternal rate will be lower especially during the pandemic.

French Family Planning concerns not only about the prevention steps but also the complex nature of social problems and individual issues. To reduce the rate of child birth and ensure women’s sexual health, three programs are proposed: providing psychosocial service, reducing the new-born mortality and granting access to reproductive health commodities.

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