Things to Know About Family Planning in France

Things to Know About Family Planning in France

Things to Know About Family Planning in France – France is one of developed countries in the world. The population in 2019 are around sixty seven million. As the population keeps on growing, the government starts to announce about family planning. The plan is about to control the number of birth and control the population growth in France. It might seem complicated, but the effect for long term is worth for its effort.

  • Specific Ages for Specific Suggestions in Family Planning

The first thing that people in France need to pay attention is about specific ages for specific suggestions in family planning. The first one is about the minimum age for male and female to get married. Female is suggested to get married when she is 21 years old and male is suggested to get married when he is 25 years old. In these ages, a couple is expected to give birth in their productive period.

After welcoming the first child, it is suggested to give a gap around 3 or 5 years old before trying to have another child in the house. Contraception tools in France are suggested to support this plan. There is a period when it is suggested to have a baby. However, when the mother is already 35, it suggested stopping the effort. Instead, mother and father are suggested to take care of children they have.

Things to Know About Family Planning in France
  • Family Planning is Basically About Making A Plan

People say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It also works in family planning in France. It is basically about making a plan, but the plan must be made after having a thorough study about having family. There are things that a couple in France need to learn about family planning, like the number of children they are willing to have.

It is important for a couple to talk about it together, so there will not be any problems in the future. Talking about contraception tools, there are so many tools provided in the hospital in France. However, not every tool is suitable for marriage couple. Therefore, it is suggested for both of them to learn more about ypes of contraception tools and find one who suits the most to their condition.

Family planning is important for everyone in the world, including in France. There are two things that a marriage couple needs to pay attention. First, they need to learn about specific ages for specific suggestion. Second, they also need to know that the basic of family planning is making a plan.

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