Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning

Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning

Using Fertility Awareness Method in French Family Planning – Not all cases related to family planning involves parents with pregnancy before marriage. Some couples do come to consult the plan on controlling pregnancy. There are several available options, and one of them is fertility awareness. How does this plan work?
– The Description of Fertility Awareness Method
Woman that has fertility awareness could tell her own fertility period. It is usually before and after the menstrual cycle. Some other terms used for fertility awareness are natural planning and periodic abstinence. To check her fertility, a woman could use several methods and more than one method could be combined together.

The standard method is by marking the calendar for menstrual cycle. It is also possible to tell fertility by noticing cervical secretion. The woman will feel the eggs poured out and the vaginal area is wet.

– The Effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Method
The best answer to effectiveness question depends heavily on the couple. The more they have intercourse during fertile period, the higher chance for the wife to get pregnant.

However, if the couple could follow the instruction correctly, then the pregnancy rate is around 15%. This percentage is similar to the bonus provided by online casino games. The data shows that only 15 out of 100 women get pregnant during the first year of marriage after practicing periodical abstinence.

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– Most Asked Questions About the Method
One of the questions that women often ask is whether the fertility awareness method is applicable only for well-educated couple. Of course, it is not true. Any couple, no matter what their education background is, could use the fertility awareness method. The only requirement is strong commitment and accurate fertility period calculation.

Many couples also want to know whether the spermicide method is more effective than fertility awareness method. The answer is “no”. During fertility period, it is safer to use condom or even avoid vaginal intercourse.

To get pregnant, the womb should produce eggs. Another term is fertility; by controlling the intercourse outside fertility period, the couple will decrease the chance of being pregnant. Several options could be used to determine whether the woman is fertile or not. Also, it is more effective than some other methods such as spermicide.

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