Why is there a French Family Planning Organization

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Family planning is no longer a foreign program in many countries. This program is one of the government’s efforts to regulate its population in controlling the number of members in the family. As we know the number of births and deaths must also be a concern for the government. The number of births and deaths that are too high or low is not good for a country.

The family planning program seeks to control these two things. As the name implies, the family becomes the main object in this program. One country with a family planning organization is France. The emergence of family planning organizations in France is closely related to the birth rate in this country which is also quite large.

Reasons for the emergence of Family Planning Organizations in France

If you look at the data, France belongs to the country that has the highest fertility rate in Europe. The position of France is right behind Ireland. In numbers, the fertility rate in France is around 1.6 children per woman. Especially if you see fertility rates in Eastern and Southern Europe that are quite low.

Births in France are largely influenced by the conditions of family life and social harmony. Despite the economic crisis in 2009, it did not significantly affect the birth rate in this country. Based on trends, as many as 60% of the young generation of France wants to build a family and have offspring.

All the facts about the high birth rate in France are the reason for the government to establish a family planning organization. The emergence of this organization is not only to control population in terms of numbers. But also to provide understanding and policy to the agen sbobet family.

Assistance is also provided such as giving family allowances, giving special leave for parents, as well as tax breaks according to the number of family members. This family planning organization also regulates the maximum number of children in a family. So that each family in France will not experience excess children that they cannot take care of and develop well.

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