History of the French Family Planning Organization

History of the Emergence of Family Planning

As one of the developed countries in Europe, France has the highest fertility rate. Compared to other countries in Europe, France has a fertility rate of up to 1.6 children per woman. One of the things that affects birth in France is not the socio-economic conditions of the community.

But because of conditions such as family life and social harmony. About 60% of the younger generation in France want to build a family and also have children. This is why France is ranked number one in Europe about the population. Because of the increasing population in France, the government also formed a family planning organization to control population in France.

History of the Emergence of Family Planning Organizations in France

If you look at the data, indeed the birth rate in France continues to increase. In 2013 alone, there has been a population increase of up to 300 thousand in France. This population growth is due to an increase in the number of births compared to death.

This dynamism of population in France certainly strengthens France’s position in Europe. This high birth rate can bring France in a good position in Europe. This high fertility rate is expected to exceed the population of Germany before the middle of this century. Family planning organizations in France can manage the maximum number of children in each family.

Apart from the matter of regulating the maximum number of children in each family, family planning organizations can also provide family benefits. In addition, other assistance is also provided such as special leave for both parents, tax breaks according to the number of family members, as well as the provision of a place of care for young children.

Providing assistance to families from family planning organizations can help families with more than one child. Of course families are also more helped so as not to burden the government. For example, the matter of providing child care. Providing this place of care is important for bandar bola families whose parents work. The jobs that are formed can help parents to be able to finance their children. That way, there are no more abandoned children in France.

In the end, this type of organization is very important in order to make sure that all of the people in France can have better future. This type of organization is also important in many country that have high birthrate which will help to control it and make the country prosperous in the end as the number of people in the country will have balanced number.

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